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OATS closed as of March 31, 2020 due to the pandemic.


What a journey!

Today, July 30th 2021, we saw the remaining horses purchased and transported out. This has been an immense team effort by so many friends, associates, and even total strangers which we now are fortunate to call new acquaintances.

While the pandemic first, and then the government second (followed by the state of Virginia third), stole from tens of thousands their business’, dreams, and hopes; we had the remarkable joy of passing on to three entities/families that which we have cherished so much for so many years. As we disassembled our horse operation, we looked for opportunity and God brought them to us.

One couple, having lost everything in a horrific fire, were the benefactors of our 12 years of accumulated tack we had amassed. Now they have a new start.

Another couple, just starting out, were the benefactors from two of our horses as well as some of our equipment as they invest in starting their own horse dream.

A woman who donated a horse years ago to our program, and whom we had lost contact with, was re-connected with. She was so overjoyed to have the opportunity to get her horse back-as well as another horse to keep it company.

A young lady we met at one of the many shows we provide CC to will also reap benefit as we liquidate some of the remaining assets.

So our passion and love for the horse continues on into many lives and perhaps countless lives.

Ray and Linda Bell







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