Frequently Asked Questions

Can the horses come to the client? Yes. We are the only provider in Virginia (as of 2012 and 2013) that offers a complete and comprehensive mobile team. Hoofprints to Footprints is not just a “guy or gal with a horse”. This is a complete team set up with portable stalls, portable ring, and tent set up if needed for inclement weather.

Is. E.I.A. the same as E.A.P./E.A.L. as offered by some. No. There is important differences between these 2 models. Contact us for an in-depth discussion of what is changing in this field.

Does O.A.T.S. maintain E.I.A. can cure homosexuality as was falsely reported for over a year on the internet? No. This original claim was launched by an activist who was later prosecuted. E.I.A. is one of many tools used internationally to address a host of physical and mental issues in clients. E.I.A. is a treatment method, and not a cure for anything. Real change in any person’s life is accomplished through “self realization” of the problem and the source from which it arose. Once the road into the issue is identified, then the road out becomes identifiable. Take a moment and read through our copyrighted information under the A & T Project link on the home page of this web site.

Is O.A.T.S. part of E.A.G.A.L.A.?    No.    O.A.T.S. is not part of, or affiliated with, any group excluding the process of certification which we ccompleted in 2012.

All equine providers are certified under one of these three (currently as of 2014) E.A.P./E.A.L. groups:

O.K. Corral Series – Greg Kersten


Path Intl.  (entered the E.A.P field in 2012 after 20 years of being opponents of it)

O.A.T.S. chose to be certified by Greg Kersten of the O.K. Corral Series as Mr. Kersten is the originator of E.A.P./E.A.L. in America. Mr. Kersten founded E.A.G.A.L.A as well as all other previous groups. No one doing E.A.P./E.A.L. today (or this type of work by any other name) does not have roots back to Mr. Kersten. So O.A.T.S. chose to go to the (horse’s mouth) original source to obtain the most effective and the most reliable certification and training available.

Are horse trained to do E.I.A. No. Horses are “evaluated”. The effectiveness of E.I.A. rests on several factors:

  1. Adversity of horse herd. Horses are very much like people in that they have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The more diverse the horse herd, the more options for the client.
  2. Equine professionals. It is imperative that the Equine professionals (whether formally trained or not) can interpret horse behavior, or what we call herd dynamics. The recognized source for this (Horse Whispering) we recommend is Monty Roberts. This ability is always developing and is on going in each staff member.
  3. Professional mental health. This is where O.A.T.S. stands out from all the others. We adhere to “continuity of care”. To require a client to repeat any form of reevaluation is both detrimental, uneconomical, and delays treatment to the client. O.A.T.S. simply provides the horses and the equine environment for the (if required) mental health professional the client has chosen to use to further evaluate and identify issues. We are a “tool” or resource these professionals use.

Can anyone do a session? Yes. E.I.A. while most often associated with mental health, only has about a 10% client use from mental health. The other 90%  are those who desire the social skill development tools E.I.A. offers. You can visit the web site for a sample list of groups who use E.I.A.

Who pays for the sessions? O.A.T.S., again unlike others, believes that the government is already over extended and over used. The private sector is more than able to handle the financial demands and meet the needs. Clients often pay and if they can not, they have the option to “do work exchange” for the session. No client is refused solely based on a financial matter. Realistically though bills do have to be paid. O.A.T.S. is first underwritten by Cowboy Church of Virginia, and then secondly receives support from individuals, civic groups, professionals, companies, and others.

Is O.A.T.S. a nonprofit 501(c)3? No. O.A.T.S. is privately owned by Raymond and Linda Bell. Why? In the research done prior to forming O.A.T.S., we discovered (without exception) that current non profit providers had all lost their original focus and mission purpose within just a short time of becoming a non-profit. This is because non-profits are required to be operated and overseen by “boards”. So the founder is forced to give up control and is usually render powerless to then direct what they had originally envisioned. All of this is usually over the issue of money.

O.A.T.S. is “for profit” and is underwritten by Cowboy Church of Virginia. This unique approach does several things:

A. No government funding is used. So there is no worry over loosing government funding.

B. We believe the private sector is more than able to provide the needs of it’s citizens and choose to model that  America needs to look not to government; but to itself to solve life’s issues.

C. Because funding is not an issue, no client is declined due to monetary issues. Also too no fund raising or other coercion is needed and there is no need for “scholarships” and other programs. The client has enough issues just getting better – they should not be burdened with worry over funding issues and certainly their treatment should not be relative to that singular issue.

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