Hoofprints to Footprints TM

Sundowner0003Left Side 4 F250-red trailer side viewReady to Ride!

What is Hoofprints to Footprints TM?

O.A.T.S. is the first, and only E.I.A. provider in Virginia, to offer a mobile team!

About 70% of all clients who desire, and need, E.I.A. can not obtain it due to the remote locations that most horse operations are found in.

O.A.T.S. is breaking the barrier and we bring the horse to you! This is an exceptional option for groups such as:


VA Hospitals

Rehab Centers

Executive groups who desire horses at retreat/corporate events

Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts

Summer Camps


and…..well the list is just endless with possibilities.

We can do it all right under “the big top” with portable ring and portable stalls.

Call or email us and find out more.

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