At O.A.T.S. we subscribe to an approach exclusive to us alone. We call it “Continuity of Care”. We are the only group in the world who use this specific process with clients. Because of it, results are expedited; costs are dramatically reduced for the client; and our techniques are made available to all participants to use even after they have finished their activity with us.

Here are some examples of success:


A woman engages the A & T Project. For the first time in her life she finds hope and an alternative. Her observation: “it never occurred to me there was an option to leave this life style”. She gives her life to Christ.


(O.A.T.S. services veterans at no cost and serves an average of 37 veterans a month)

A retired female Navy admiral has been in a treatment facility for many years. This woman would not talk and constantly cried. The staff members working with her were exasperated and there appeared to be no hope. The treatment facility hosted O.A.T.S. on their site. With only a 20 minute interaction with the horse under no structured supervision the woman not only began to speak and converse with staff and others; but also smiled and laughed for the first time in years. What a tremendous event to witness!

A retired Air Force sergeant spoke of how the horse “eased his pain” after only one O.A.T.S. equine visit to his facility.

A female veteran who had been withdrawn for years, suddenly breaks her silence and engages with others. Why? Because she was drawn to the horses!

Family Units

A family brought to O.A.T.S. their 10 year old son. A straight A student whose grades had dropped to straight F’s in less than a week. The child was completely withdrawn and would not converse with anyone regarding his sudden change in behavior. The child underwent only 2 sessions, 1 hour each. Using our custom designed herd dynamic interaction, the problem was identified during session 2. The information was given to the parent (who participated in the session) and the child returned to his previous held routine. In less than a week with only two sessions, his grades had returned to straight A’s.

A husband and wife was referred to us by their counselor with serious marriage issues. After 6 sessions, a break through and core issues identified.

Corporate entities:

A CEO and his entire staff participated in a 3 day clinic. At the end of the clinic the CEO and his staff reported dramatic life changing insights that not only improved their company work environment; but they also experienced personal growth in their lives. After a 2 year follow up, this company reports a totally revised approach to management and all of it based on the custom designed herd dynamics that is used at O.A.T.S.

Special needs (such as Autism)

A mentor brought a client to a lead line event. The client had always been dormant, unresponsive, and uncoordinated. With only a 2 minute lead line ride the client was not only verbal, but also responsive and demonstrating coordination in the mounting and dismounting.

Personal Application

A woman who has a long history of unfounded fears attends a 3 day clinic. Engaging in equine activity and confronting her fear of a horse; she progresses over 3 days of supervised self administered activity to reach a point in which she would safely ask for, and receive, a horse’s hoof. Using these skills she returns to her daily routine and applies these principles to her life skill set. After a 2 year follow up she reports dramatic improvement in coping with daily life functions and significantly reduced issues of fear.

A woman facing a horrendous loss of a loved one in her life is contemplating suicide. Through the daily interaction of the horse she self administers therapy that restores her hope in life and returns her to a desire to live. She goes on to become a staff member of an equine program and is today living a highly productive life.

How can working with a horse bring about such dramatic results?

  1. Horses reciprocate our emotions and provide an experiential experience that allows us to receive a “live” interaction of the problems we are addressing in our lives.
  2. O.A.T.S. subscribes to a one of a kind “herd dynamic” facilitated session which allows any individual, or group, to be self administering of their own session. The staff of O.A.T.S. serve only as interpreters (facilitators) of the horses actions and behaviors as it relates horse to horse and horse to client. The client, or the client’s care system, then uses that information at their discretion alone to obtain the desired results.

Because O.A.T.S. is not “financially driven” and is not in constant need of grants or fund raising to operate as non-profits are; then the entire process centers solely on the welfare of the client. Finances are not driven by time in service, or the number of sessions, etc. In short, the client that comes to O.A.T.S. gets the results they need in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of process as they come to their session under the “Continuity of Care” provision that only O.A.T.S. offers.

Come to O.A.T.S. and find your change.