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Update 2017: The sole remaining article mentioned as follows is still on the internet. However, it’s text was modified and now reflects “technical” truth. As of this date, the publication never interviewed anyone at O.A.T.S. and thus fabricated the entire article.

Update 01-17-14: Media Retracting Articles/Videos

As of this date, all but one article has been removed from the internet. The remaining article includes our rebuttal and request to remove. The publication alleges to have made a counter request, but that was never done. All publications involved in the 2 year process were found to be illegitimate and represent the bottom of the pile in professional journalism. All facts as reported by us were found to be both accurate and truthful. The attempt by the Homosexual/Gay paparazzi were defeated, and in fact, brought international attention and acclaim to the methods used in E.I.A. to help those in this lifestyle find real truth.

1-11-13 Media groups now around the nation, and the world, are pulling the articles and videos. As the groups report to us we then pass on to the relative agencies those media outlets that are retracting the false article/video. What has been astonishing (yet indicative of the world today) is the vast number of media that reprinted the false and bogus information without themselves verifying the source. Never assume, even for a minute, that if it is reported by any media it is therefore true. Always check the source yourself.

1-4-13 We have found and identified the source of the articles. That information was compiled today and given to ic3 (Internet Crime Unit) in Washington D.C. We have also notified the FBI, FCC, The White House (office of Homeland Security) and other relative authorities. This does not end the problem but does affirm the self-imposed extreme fear and oppression this group lives under. When real solutions are presented it can be perceived to threaten a held issue of credibility of whom they present themselves to be.

The erroneous article continues to grow and circulate. It is now a national and international issue. Each new media source is given the same option as before – to retract the article.

Our rebuttal to Instinct Magazine; Gay Star News Magazine; Huffpost; Inquistar; MSN; NewsFix; and others continue to go unanswered despite more and more groups picking up the story.

O.A.T.S. initial statement in 2011:

Interesting that you’re media group, and others, would publish an article alleging communication with us when we had never heard of you, or the now 7 others publishing the story.

Each media group identified has been given the option to open a dialogue regarding how E.I.A. works. None have accepted. However, to make claims that are not in existence, let alone inflammatory and degrading to their readers, is at the least defamation of character and slander. At the most it is malice with criminal intent.

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