Tember’s return

After Temper’s return…….

Two weeks after Tember was returned to her herd, the owner reports astonishing changes.

Where Tember used to “run” some of the cattle; now she oversees them and stands near by why they feed not causing any issue.

One of the other horses in the herd, upon Tember’s return, had a sudden change in temperament. This horse before would startle at anything and everything. Now this horse has become remarkably calmer. It seems that what the owner thought was an issue with this horse was in actuality this horse’s negative reaction to Tember’s “out of balance” issues as an Alpha.

A third horse in this same herd now rolls on repeated occasions when near, or around, Tember. **A horse rolling is a sign of contentment and perceived “safety”.**

In an overall sense the owner reports that Tember is now more “user friendly”.

All of this, and more, accomplished with no human interaction – only “Herd Dynamics”.

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