What is Herd Dynamics Training?

This is a trademarked name for process discovered by O.A.T.S. beginning in 2012. Our first client for this never before approached to training was in 2014.

Simply put it is the process of taking problem horses and integrating them into herd for the purpose of addressing the core issues without human involvement. In essence, the horses train the horse!

What makes this work? 2 essentaia elements are needed.

1. A specialized hand selected herd. After the herd is assembled (need more than 10 horses) each horse is evaluated and each horse has substantial time with a “herd master”. This process takes about 2 years.

2. Consistent daily activity and processes with the herd by the herd master. As the herd goes through it’s daily routine, the new horse is acclimated to both the herd and the herd structure that is overseen and led by the herd master.

This approach to training is immeasurable in that it dramatically reduces training time in the round pen as well as results in tremendously temperate and easy to manage horses.

HDT is used by horse owners who have 2 to 5 horses with one or two of the horses causing problems among the others. In these situations training in the round pen seldom produces any lasting results as these are “herd issues” at the core for the horse. After all,no matter how good the training, a human will never be a horse!

HDT is used by trainers to address hidden issues that can not be identified, but obviously there in uncharacteristic outbursts or other unresolved issues that training has not been able to address.

O.A.T.S. has the most diverse herd in all of the nation and has become known as the premier facilitator of approach to unique training issues in horses.