At O.A.T.S., horses are the key to success with the client. O.A.T.S. is the only E.I.A provider in Virginia with it’s herd built on diversity. We encourage you to view the following link to see our horses:

See Our Horses Here

O.A.T.S. also does trail rides; riding lessons ($35.00 er hr.); horse rides; horse demonstrations; horsemanship talks; roping exhibitions;  and more for schools, fairs, rodeos, birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, scout groups, 4-H and civic clubs; churches; and any event you can think of.

Call 540-494-3570 to set up your next “horse” visit.

We also offer a “lease a horse” program. The cost is $ 2,000.00 a yr.

The horse can be stabled on your property, or ours. If it is located with you, you are required to perform daily care and feeding. However, O.A.T.S. provides all feed and items needed. O.A.T.S. covers all expenses related to the horse. This is a great way for parents to allow their children to experience horse ownership without risking getting stuck with a horse if the child looses interest.

If the horse is pastured with us, then you have unlimited access to it for riding.

Each client and horse arrangement is customized to accommodate the best fit for both.


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