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What is the A & T Project?  Simply put it is a focused effort by O.A.T.S. to serve the needs of individuals who approach us from the Homosexual Community. This program was designed and implemented by Cowboy Church of Virginia. It is available in presentation form for groups who request it.

     Testimonial:  June 2016

I just wanted to say thank you for Wednesday night at Bible Study and for the extended talk at McDonalds.

To say that your work through A & T and your knowledge of Scripture has changed my life is an understatement.

I truly feel saved. I know Jesus works through you, but I know your commitment to Him and the Cowboy Church is special and I appreciate you.

Thank you,


As you might imagine, Homosexuality has been, and still remains, a highly volatile subject. So much so that most in the secular world, and certainly in religious circles, have avoided working with this group at all costs.

The A & T Project brings something new, and never before tried, to the table. Acceptance and Truth. What we mean by that is simply accepting a client first as a person, and then giving them the truth relative to what they are seeking.

It would seem there has been no other group who has been more ostracized in our society than those of the Homosexual Community. Why is that? We think it is because to much focus is put on a person’s conduct, and not enough emphasis on a person’s inner character.

Whether you like or not, a Homosexual is a PERSON first, and a HOMOSEXUAL second.

The most often asked question is this: can a person be cured from Homosexuality? Our response is, basically, you’re asking the wrong question. What needs to be asked is this: does a person desire to depart from the Homosexual activity and lifestyle? Sometimes the answer is no, and sometimes it is yes. Whatever the decision a person makes, it should be based solely on the truth; not decided through fear, intimidation, coercion, or manipulation; but solely based on the truth. How does a person know? That can only be answered by the person themselves. The key to any foundational change in any area of a person’s life is this: how did I arrive where it is I am? Then with that understanding, they can choose how is it I can depart from where it is I am?

For the most part people who struggle with Homosexuality are completely isolated in at least one, or more, of three areas:

1.   Just being a Homosexual (openly) can bring to a person all manner of prejudice, discrimination, abandonment by family and friends, loss of job, and more.

  1. If they disclose they desire a change, they are then attacked by the very community they are affiliated with. They are perceived to be traitors, or worse.
  2.  If they disclose they desire a change, they are often immediately ostracized by their own families and friends. Why? Because many of these people (in their mind) gave up, or sacrificed, certain personal freedoms and standing in society in order to support their Homosexual family member and now they feel slated and betrayed.
  3. Point 2 or 3, or both, then result in the risk of the person loosing (willfully giving up) the very foundational identity of who they believe they are.

These steps are the exact same process one also went through to enter into Homosexuality with the basic difference that (perhaps for the first time in their life) upon entering Homosexuality they encountered (a perceived) unilateral acceptance. This experience is where a person might conclude “I was born a Homosexual”; or “God made me this way”.

Whether you agree or not, this conclusion is “theirs” and it is pointless to react to it. What is needed is Acceptance and Truth.

Let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment. All groups in society are of two basic designs:

Herds   or   Packs

Herds are very social entities and work together for the safety of all their members. They work well with outside groups and are never predatory in nature but only desire to arrive at a cooperative cohabitation.

However, Packs are remarkably different. Packs are groups of individuals whose sole interest is only in themselves  and they will prey upon one another any time it suits their need. Packs are the idea of “survival of the fittest” and the weak are (literally) eaten or destroyed.

You can easily see these two types of habitation in the human race in any number of settings. An easy comparison is   Family  VS.  Gangs.  Many times gangs are compared to that of “families”. But in families you are born into it and in gangs you have to fight and prove yourself into the group. Families (should) work together and you can never be disconnected as your lineage is forever yours. Gangs, however, will throw you out in a heartbeat for even an “accused” error in conduct and you forever lose your identity with them.

Does O.A.T.S. maintain there is something wrong with a Homosexual or that the person needs to be “delivered” or “fixed” or changed in some way? No, not at all. What O.A.T.S. does maintain is what we have all known from the beginning of time: we are all “broken” in some way shape or form and should desire to become a better person. That process, however, can not be accomplished alone and we are in need of various “tools” along our journey in life.

If a person chooses to hold to a Biblical viewpoint of the world; then some conclusions can be drawn from the Bible. Here are a few:

  1. In Genesis 1 God created the world and that included EVERY PERSON as well. God called all those people – mankind.
  2.  Using the character of God as a guide in how He made everything else (trees, land, animals, etc.) we see that God made everything “finished” at the start, In other words God made a tree, not a seedling that had to grow over 20 years.
  3. So that character of God coupled with verses in Psalm 139, Ephesians, and other scripture gives the foundational understanding that every person was created at the same time.
  4. Well, if point 3 is valid, where are they all at? Scriptures present that every person was “known by God” before birth. Another way of saying this is we “were with God”. Now right here is where a person wants to jump forward and say “see, that proves it, God made me this way” (whatever that might mean to the person). Well, that might be convenient; but that would only be a half truth.
  5. Everything we are presenting here (the Biblical view) is from this often overlooked origin – when God made all of us it was before SIN. Every person, while made by God is then BORN into what?: a fallen and sinful world. Our natural births occurred AFTER the presence of sin.
  6. So then, actually, no one – not one person, was born the way God made them. Why? Because we were made perfect, without sin, and in God’s presence. But now we are here. Born into sin through birth into the world.
  7. From the Biblical viewpoint this is why salvation is so crucial. Every person is on a life journey having originated from God but going back to either God in Heaven or the absence of God in Hell. We do this by our personal choice.
  8. So then every person born to be (you can fill in the blank) is actually born not as God intended. But we have the choice to become whom God intended and we do this through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What’s the point of all this? It is to understand that you can be whoever you want to be and live however you want to live. But it is now, and has always been, a personal choice.

That choice can be made by listening to fear, labels, friends, family, co-workers, the Bible, or any other source you want. But it is a personal choice you make and you make it based upon information you assemble and then adhere to.

It seems to us at O.A.T.S. that any person would want ALL the information available and to investigate and consider it equally.

All E.I.A. sessions are solely based on the client arriving at a “self awareness” they discover of their own initiative.

So, just exactly who are you?

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