O.A.T.S. began after E.A.G.A.L.A. declined to work with O.A.T.S. (in 2011) in this new and cutting edge approach to E.I.A.

So then O.A.T.S. approached Mr. Greg Kersten of the O.K. Corral Series. Certification was completed in 2012


O.A.T.S. thrives because of these basic concepts at it’s foundation:

  1. Continuity of care for the client exceeds the need for profit.
  2. The client is more important than the profit.
  3. The mental safety of the client is as important as physical safety.
  4. E.I.A. training must be affordable for all so that the need of the clients can be met.


O.A.T.S., while a stand alone company, is a collaborated effort between The Bell Family of Florida and Virginia, and Cowboy Church of Virginia.

These, and more, are committed to the O.A.T.S. vision:

Mike and Judy Stoher – Staunton, Va.

George and Regina Rhodes – Harrisonburg, Va.

Ms. Joan West – Roanoke, Va.

Brian and Julia Horne – Harrisonburg, Va.

Rev. Demian Pace – Roanoke, Va.

Ms. Darlene McDowell – Roanoke, Va.

Mrs. Maureen Rimmer – Roanoke, Va.

Mr. Bob Stickley – Weyers Cave, Va.

Ms. Annie Howell-Riverview Farms, Mt. Jackson, Va.

Windy Ridge Farm – Newton, NC.

Weese Paso Fino Farm – Warrenton, Va.

George and Linda Brake – Bedford, Va.

Susie Shiflett –  Ft. Defiance, Va.

Kathy Woosley – Fairfax County, Va.

Mr. Stephen Cook – Salem, Va.

Ms. Suzie Fotz – Troutville, Va.

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