Why Horses

Hollins College students learning “Join Up’ technique

E.I.A. works with horses for several reasons:

  1. Horses are the closest animal to a human. We both walk the same way; we both eat the same way; we both reproduce the same way; we both digest food the same way; we both defecate the same way; we both require dental care; we both require vision care; we both are codependent on others around us for the needs of life-especially when we are young; we both are designed to help one another; and we both require bodily grooming.
  2. Horses are remarkably intelligent.
  3. Horses experience many of the same emotions humans do.
  4. Horses (unlike humans) accept everyone, and one another, on equal terms.
  5. Horses have perfect memory. They can remember every moment of their life but in so dong the memory is not clouded, or influenced, by their emotion.
  6. Horses communicate silently. In this way clients then are never “told” what the problem is. Instead, the client “experiences” the problem, and then discovers a solution to it, as it is unique to their life situation.
  7. Horses are impressive animals and so, if for no other reason than their sheer size, they command respect.
  8. Horses are social animals and desire to “belong” and engage in “bonding” with other horses, other animals, and humans.
  9. Horses (unlike humans) are non-predatory by nature.
  10. Horses are exceptional negotiators and will actually continue to negotiate with a predator right up until death.
  11. Horses have exceptional vision, just short of 360 degrees.
  12. Horses can reciprocate feelings and emotions expressed by a human.
  13. Horses can detect, and then indicate, the presence of inner pain a person is experiencing.

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