What is E.I.A.?

This stands for Equine Interactive Activity.

We choose to use this trademarked acronym to introduce clients and others to what is now formerly E.A.P./E.A.L. or Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning.

For years people have associated the word “therapy” to horses in the sole area of therapeutic riding. E.I.A. does not involve riding the horse.

What we offer is an environment where a client, or clients, work on the ground in a corral with a horse or horses. This experiential activity, formerly called E.A.P./E.A.L., then allows  the client to discover a self awareness of the issues driving the problem or problems needing to be addressed.

O.A.T.S. is the only provider of equine services that does not require clients to use “in house” professional services other than that of the equine facilitators. This is called “Continuity of Care”.

About 90% of all clients are from “non treatment” environments and are comprised of groups such as sport teams; civic groups; staff of executive companies; youth groups; family units; groups on retreat, and the list is endless.

E.I.A. allows clients to identify an endless array of life skills such as:

Teamwork; communication; problem solving; organization skills; personal hygiene; personal health; bullying; care for seniors; working with handicaps; overcoming diversity; addictions; as well as just fun filled exercises for the joy of interacting with the horse.

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